KKSG GbR Wohnen in Dresden

Our rental properties

Altseidnitz 15a, 15b

This building was completed in 1928 and is located in the middle of the landmarked village of Altseidnitz. It is one of the best residential areas in Dresden. Many renovated houses, large green parks and a small church provide a rural feeling in the middle of the city.

The small street “Altseidnitz” is a dead end, which makes it one of the quietest streets in that area. The public transits are only a short walk away. Various malls and grocery stores are right around the corner (e.g. the Seidnitzer mall).

A large green garden provides a great playground for children. It is located far away from any noise of the street and close to the Seidnitzer shopping mall and the local school.
Year of construction: 1928
Year of reconstruction: 2002
Amount of accommodation units: 14 (rented)
address: Altseidnitz 15a,15b - 01277 Dresden, Seidnitz

Lehmannstraße 31, 33

That beautiful building is located in one of the most highly coveted neighborhoods of “Dresden-Reick”. It belongs to the historical landmarked area of “Margarethenhof” and was built in the 1930’s.

A comfortable ambience far away from any transit traffic emerges due to the densely built-up area. Nevertheless, the bus stops and city train stations are very close by.

Furthermore, nearby are the race track “Dresdner Galopprennbahn” and the city park “Großer Garten”. The large shopping mall “Otto-Dix-Center” and many small grocery stores are located in that part of the city as well.
Year of construction: 1936
Year of reconstruction: 2006
Amount of accommodation units: 10 (rented)
address: Lehmannstr. 31, 33 - 01237 Dresden, Reick

Großzschachwitzer Straße 25

Year of construction: 1923
Year of reconstruction: 2016
Amount of accommodation units: 11 (rented)
adress: Großzschachwitzer Str. 25 - 01259 Dresden, Großzschachwitz

Leubener Straße 13

This was building was constructed around 1900 and is located in the demanded area “Dresden-Laubegast”. It got completely reconstructed in 2001. Many sandstone ornaments indicate the great architecture of the former founding period. The riverside “Elbufer” as well as various grocery stores are very close by.

Moreover, the very green property provides many opportunities to enjoy the delicate architecture as well as the beautiful city parks of “Laubegast” outside.

Year of construction: 1899
Year of reconstruction: 2001
Amount of accommodation units: 5/1 (rented)
address: Leubener Str. 13 - 01259 Dresden, Laubegast

Leubener Straße 13a

This building was constructed in an industrial design in the 1950s. It is located in the middle of the demanded borough ”Dresden-Laubegast”. Until the year 2000 a well-known traditional bronze foundry had its center there. Today, after the elaborate reconstruction, it is a duplex house.

Furthermore, there are large carports, backyards and back porches that give this house a special flair. Since it is close to the “Elbwiesen” you can enjoy the beautiful nature of the river “Elbe” within a couple of minutes walking distance. Moreover, many little grocery stores are very close by.

Year of construction: 1950
Year of reconstruction: 2003
Amount of accommodation units: 2 (rented)
address: Leubener Str. 13a - 01259 Dresden, Laubegast

Leubener Straße 15

This building was constructed around the year 1900. It is located in the demanded borough “Dresden-Laubegast” and consists of seven units and one store. In the year 2007 it was elaborately reconstructed.

The architecture is very outstanding, because the pediments, the sand stone facing and the turret which refers to the former founding period.

Dresden’s beautiful “Elbwiesen” are reachable within walking distance, as well as various small grocery stores. The entire borough was built in a delicate villa-like stile.
Year of construction: 1900
Year of reconstruction: 2007
Amount of accommodation units: 7/1 (rented)
address: Leubener Str. 15 - 01259 Dresden, Laubegast

Altseidnitz 13

This house was built in 1848 and used to belong to a carriage driver. It is located in the landmarked and quiet center of the village. The shopping mall “Seidnitzer Center”, the tram stations and bus stations are right around the corner.

It is an elaborately renovated single-family home and it is part of a three-side farm house.

Year of construction: 1848
Year of reconstruction: 2008
Amount of accommodation units: 1 (rented)
address: Altseidnitz 13 - 01277 Dresden, Seidnitz

Pietzschstraße 19

In the year 1890 this building was constructed in the western part of Dresden, very close to the former village center of “Altnaußlitz”. Naußlitz consist of many petite villa-like houses.

It is a multi-family home with timeless elegance and small ornaments at the façade. In 2009 it got renovated, thus it meets the newest standards regarding sustainability. The façade got insulated and the solar panels help to make this house even more energy efficient.

Within walking distance many shopping malls, kindergartens and schools are accessible. Although, it is very quiet and far away from the main streets, the public transport system (ÖNV) is very close by as well as the freeway ramps A17 and A4.
Year of construction: 1890
Year of reconstruction: 2009
Amount of accommodation units: 6 (rented)
address: Pietzschstr. 19 - 01159 Dresden, Naußlitz