Living in Dresden

Die KKSG GbR Wohnen in Dresden was founded in 1997 by
Uwe Kirchhübel, Karl Bernd Kemnitz, Artur Stief und Ralf Gliemann.
We would be more than happy to welcome you as our new tenant.

Sincerely KKSG GbR Wohnen in Dresden

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Over a period of more than 15 years we have been renovating apartment- and office buildings, as well as detached houses in selected areas of Dresden.

sustainable building

Modern individual ground plans and newest sustainable building technologies are decisive to us. We are currently able to offer a variety of more than 80 different units in various parts of the city. Our portfolio includes studio apartments as well as single-family homes.


We are administrators of our own properties. Therefore constant examinations are at the top of our agenda to ensure a high living standard for our tenants.



KKSG GbR Wohnen in Dresden  

Paradiesstr. 10  
01217 Dresden  

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Fax.: 0351 / 4 71 21 94

rental properties